Friday, February 27, 2009

Next three selected contestants for the top 12…

Hey! You probably know what I will talk about now.
Oh yes! It’s about the second results show of Idol. Knowing the results for this week really made me into thinking of what I said last time, “the wildcard round”. And now that Ryan had mentioned it too, I bet it’s really going to happen. But let’s not talk about it till it happens already.

Now, let me just tell you this week’s second batch of three selected contestants for the top 12. They are as follow: Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen, and…Adam Lambert!
Hmm…You think I’m making him special huh? Oh well, there’s really special about him anyway. And his talent of being soprano and alto anytime is just one of those special things about him, I think. Haha…

Anyway, I guess I’m having more and more favorites each week. I wonder who will be the next. Oh, I know. I’ll just wait till they blow me away with their performances next week! Hehehe..

My next set of favorites…

Hey! Let’s not just concentrate on Adam’s performance. ‘Cause before he performed, I was already blown away by some of the other contestants’ performances.
I bet I’m having another set of favorites this time. And they are Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen and Megan Corkery.

I remember most among this three is Megan. I first loved her when she auditioned in Salt Lake City. And I totally agree with Simon, that she is different and that she has her own style in singing. And what she sang last night is a good song choice for her, I think.

Allison Iraheta. I don’t very much remember her audition but I remember her face.
Now, talking about her performance last night, even though she kinda looked shy at first, she really had a very hot performance on stage, singing “Alone” by Heart.

Kris Allen. He sang last night “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson. I really think he sang it well. And I bet he really has a charming looks. Simon even said that he can “charm” (is that the word?) the chicks out there. haha..

Well, tonight they will just be selecting 3 out of 12.
What? How’s that?
I believe Adam Lambert will be one of those who will be selected, but then, how about these other three of my favorites now? Hiks! This really is very tough. Now I’m a bit glad I can’t vote ‘cause there isn’t a need for me to choose. Haha..
Anyway, either of these three will be chosen, that would be fine with me, ‘cause they are all great singers. And knowing this competition, it’s just a matter of luck for the votes. So, vote wisely, people in the US!

By the way, before ending this up, I just wanna share with you what I think is gonna happen. Here… Since they’re only choosing three out of twelve in each batch, I guess after the third batch, they will be having in the show somewhat a “wildcard” for the other contestants who failed to be joining in the top 12 for their first voting round. And I know you might think the same right? Hehe..

Anyway, I really hope they will do that! I wish, I wish^_^

Adam Lambert's first live performance...

The second batch of the top 36 contestants just had their performances last night. And as usual, I will be talking about them. Let’s start with Adam Lambert.

I’ve mentioned last time that one of my favorites in this batch is Adam Lambert. He really proved himself last night. And what one of the judges has just said about him is really true for me. I’m talking about Kara Dioguardi, the new judge. And this is the first time I will be talking about her, I think.
Well, going back, she just said last night that Adam can make his voice as high as “this” and as low as “that”. You know what I mean? And also, she mentioned about forgetting the drama. Even though there isn’t any drama out of Adam, it doesn’t matter at all because of his very powerful voice.

Now, let’s talk about another one of the judges’ comments. Paula Abdul. She said something like this, “she wasn’t even watching the AI show, instead it’s like she’s watching an Adam Lambert concert”.
Ha! That’s such a wonderful comment! I wonder what was Adam thinking that time?

I also wanna say something about Randy Jackson, another judge. He mentioned in his comment to Adam, about Robert Pattinson, popularly known now to many, as “Edward Cullen” of the Twilight Movie. I just don’t remember exactly what Randy’s words were, but I think it’s about Adam’s looks that Randy had compared him to Robert. Hehehe..

Well, I guess Simon’s the only one missing to complete the four judges.
Okay! By that I might as well say something about his comment.
Oh my! I’m sorry I don’t remember that much about his comment. All I know is that he mentioned Danny’s performance last week. If I’m not mistaken, he said that Adam is a good singer but not that very much fantastic as Danny. (Just correct me if I’m wrong)
Ha! Now I’m starting to think if Simon’s being true to himself. ‘Cause I remember, he just said to Danny last week that he’s good, not fantastic. And now that Simon’s comparing him to Adam….. Ha! I don’t know….. I’m sorry!

Friday, February 20, 2009

First Three Selected Top 12

Hey! The first three contestants were already selected for the top 12. They are Alexis Grace, Michael Sarver, and of course, Danny Gokey. I always believe he'll make it, and he just did. He really deserves it, didn't he? hehe..

Well, this competition's really tough, you know. We can't be sure of anything because it's all up to the voters. The only thing the contestants can do is give their best shot to impress everyone else. The judges, on the other hand, just need to say the right words to make their point out and help the people decide whom to vote or not.

Anyway, for next week's episode, another group of 12 will be performing. And I believe Adam Lambert is included in that group, right? Ha! Now I just can't wait because another one of my favorites will gonna be performing..LOL

OKAY! This seems a little short. But really, that's all I can say. haha.. I don't need to make this very long, 'cause you know, all I really wanna say to you now, is the first result show of AI.

I'll be back next week for more updates!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Danny Gokey’s first live performance…

“And then a HERO comes along,
With a strength to carry on…”

Wow! What a great song choice for Danny Gokey’s first live performance! He just sang one of Mariah Carey’s hit single, “Hero”. And I really think he did it well. Even the judges were totally amazed by his performance. Or should I say, the judges, except for Simon?! He said it was “good, not fantastic” but even though, for me, that’s better than a “horrible” or a "terrible" one.. haha..
OKAY! Enough talk about Simon.

Going back to our topic…
While watching Danny’s performance last night, he made me remind of David Cook’s rendition of “Always Be My Baby”, which was also originally sung by Mariah Carey. You know, come to think of it, these two guys are a bit look-alike. As well as their voices, they sound alike somehow. I first thought of it when I heard Danny singing “Kiss from a Rose” in the Hollywood round. I really love this song. Now I’m thinking how it will be if David Cook sings it. But for sure, it’ll be great, too. Oh, wait a second, you think I’m very much confident huh? Of course I am, ‘cause I’m also a big fan of this currently holding the title of being the American Idol. And I definitely know how amazing singer he is. Haha.

Hmm.. I think I came out of our topic again. So, before I link everything else that I remember about this, let’s end this up now. Hehe..

OKAY! This is just the beginning. But I’m looking forward to see more hot performances from Danny.

By the way, tonight they will be eliminating some already, right?
Ha! I really wanted to vote, but of course that’s impossible for people like me, who are outside US. Now, I just hope that these people who can vote will come up with a good decision. Choose the ones that really deserve a spot in the competition. And I’m pretty sure Danny’s one of them!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My First Warning...

ATTENTION! To all those who know me in person, I just wanna tell you a little something...
That is, by the time I've started doing my blogs here, I'm aware that some of my deepest secrets about me, my favorites, my idols, stuffs like that, might as well be revealed. So I just wanna make it up with you guys.
Here's the deal, you are free to read my blogs as long as you'll promise me not to tell anyone about anything you'll know about me in here. Look, it's not that I'm not confident enough to reveal my personal secrets. It's just, I don't wanna let other people talk about me, and come up with wrong conclusions. I'm just not used to it. If only you know, this is the first time that I will be talking about myself the closer way. I mean, telling you things about me that I usually don't talk about even with my family or friends.
Anyway, if you read something in here that made you at least interested, feel free to talk to me. I would love to. Especially if it's about my favorites. LOL..

That's all I wanna say for now.
Let's see if there will be a need to post a second warning.
That's if anything unexpected happens again! haha..
'Cause I'm telling you, I've decided to write this because of a person whom I don't expect would visit in here, just did. And now, I just can't face her knowing that she found some secret about me. I actually don't tell anyone about my secrets, you know. But this one's different because it's just a blog. I mean, I can easily write in here everything.

Oh by the way, if it happen that you're the person I'm talking about...
Well, what now?
Now that you've known, what are you thinking then?
haha.. just kidding..
I actually don't care that much now, 'cause anyway, I won't be able to change things that had happened already. I just hope you keep to yourself these things you've known, Okay?

I'll see you guys around.
I'm off to school.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Top 36 of the American Idol Season 8

Do you guys know Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey? They're two of my favorites among the top 36 of AI season 8... Oh yes! You read that right! Last week, the judges have selected the top 36 of this season, and perhaps you wanna know who made it through, right? Well, wait no more, 'cause I'm giving you the official list!
But for now, all I can give you are their names. Perhaps I'll just share with you some facts 'bout them, as well as their photos, when they will be cut into top 24 or top 12, because they're so many for me, I mean, you know, right now, I can't find much info about them all. So I hope you understand.

Now, proceeding...

Here they are:

1. Adam Lambert
2. Alexander “Alex” Wagner Thugman
3. Alexis Grace
4. Allison Iraheta
5. Ann Marie Boskovich
6. Anoop Desai
7. Arianna Afsar
8. Brent Keith Smith
9. Casey Carlson
10. Daniel “Danny” Gokey
11. Jacklyn “Jackie” Tohn
12. Jasmine Murray
13. Jeanine Vailes
14. Jessica “Jesse” Langseth
15. Joanna Pacitti
16. Jorge Nuñez Mendez
17. Junot Joyner
18. Kai Kalama
19. Kendall Beard
20. Kristen McNamara
21. Kris Allen
22. Lil Rounds
23. Matthew “Matt” Breitzke
24. Megan Joy Corkery
25. Matt Giraud
26. Michael Sarver
27. Mishavonna Henson
28. Natanial “Nate’ Marshall (”McGee”)
29. Nick Mitchell a.k.a. Normund Gentle
30. Ricky Braddy
31. Scott Douglas MacIntyre
32. Stephen Fowler
33. Stevie Wright
34. Tatiana Nicole Del Toro
35. Taylor Vaifanua
36. Von Smith

That's it! Let's just wait what will be happening in the next coming days of this competition! I'm giving you more updates by the time I find something new, so stay with me, huh?

Thanks and have a nice day^_^

Last minute talk about my once favorited contenders...

Hiks! I'm still not that over yet about MC's cut out thing. With his talent alone, I think he's really into that competition. But umm..yeah, maybe, just like what MC said himself, the judges thinks that he didn't really want this that much and that they're looking for people who would actually jump and make-believe that they're excited when they know they're in..haha..

Hmm... Moving over, I remember that there are 2 other contenders whom I liked when they first auditioned, but unfortunately didn't make it through to the top 36. They are David Osmond, and Austin Sisneros. When I first saw their auditions, I really think that they have nice voices. But unluckily, they were out already. Each had their own reasons for this, and all I know is David's. In the group performance in the Hollywood week, he was not able to sing well because he lost his voice, full-blown laryngitis, as he said. But there was no excuses, and no second chances. So after this terrible thing that happened to him, it's the end of his AI journey (for now, I think..hehe). Meanwhile, about Austin Sisneros... I didn't know what's his story of being cut out. But I'm telling you, in his auditions, I remember my most, most favorite singer now, whom we'll call DA.. know him? aha:) Well, anyway, Austin Sisneros is a good singer too, just like David Osmond. But circumstances didn't allow them go through the next round. So, let's just wish them luck and hope they'll still have their own career in singing!

By the way, here's some photos of these three I'm talking about, in case you wanna know how's their looks, 'cause I'm always talking about their singing talent. Now, be mesmerized with their good looks.. hehehe..LOL

Michael Castro...

Fun idol stuff!

David Osmond...

Photobucket Photobucket

Austin Sisneros...

austin sisneros_01 austin sisneros_02

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Michael Castro's cut out story...

Hi guys! Do you know Michael Castro? He's the younger brother of American Idol Season 7 Alum, Jason Castro. He passed the auditions for this year's season 8, but unfortunately he didn't make it to the top 36. Now let's talk about the reason for this.

Hmmm... Let's call him MC for short.

This really sucks! They didn’t even show any of MC’s performances in that Hollywood round. And then in the last day of that round, they just cut him out like that? It really isn’t a good news for me, ’cause I’ve been waiting for how many days (about 5) each week, just to watch him perform. And then, you know, they don’t seem to show any of his performances. I almost think it’s OK for me, ’cause anyway, I will be seeing more from him in the coming days (I’m talking about the voting round.) I really believed he’ll be in the top 12, but, as I was talking about, he was cut already last night.

Anyway, here’s a blog from him, talking about his cut out story…

“I just got home, but i heard they showed me getting cut tonight…SO.

I got cut because they thought i didnt want it bad enough, at least thats
what Paula told me. Which is half true, and after all it is their show
and of course they want people who jump around and at least pretend to
be excited. I’m never gonna be one of those people who jumps around and
I’m a little upset they didnt show that last song tho because it was my best!! But of course they cant show my best song then cut me on the same night =P

However, it’s also a good thing, because had I have
been in the voting rounds, they probably would have eaten me
alive…and once youve made it to voting rounds you can never try out
again. So the good news is…

I can try out next year! And plan
to do so with much more experience. I’ve already gotten way better and
been performing and stuff. It’s kind of a blessing in disguise because
theres no way I would have survived this season.

I do plan on pursuing a music career tho! I promise you havent heard the last of me :)
of which I have a song i’m puttin up for sale ASAP hopefully within the
next few days, it was produced by the same guy who produced nelly
furtado. So its prettttyyy cool =P My first official song! woooo!

And whats REALLY awesome is…I got cut tonight, and have almost 40 pages of friend requests! Are you kidding me?!?! Thats awesome haha”

Now back to me.. (laughs)

After reading his blog, I felt a little bit eased, because at least, he, himself did not feel that bad, being cut out. And the fact that he can still audition next year makes me feel like I wanted to ride on a time machine and have a visit in the year 2010 (haha..just kidding!)

Anyway, I will still be looking up anything new about him, so stay with me, huh?



Oh, by the way, before I forget, for those of you who thinks that I’m really, really, that crazy about MC.. haha.. you got that wrong! ‘Cause no matter what, the one and only (guy) I will be that crazy about is none other than (haha..secret! but if you really wanna know, ask me, I’ll tell you!)

hahaha.. now it’s time to go!

See you guys later!

I’m off to school!