Friday, March 27, 2009

Top 10 Results Night...

This was a shocking night for me. Matt Giraud was in the bottom 3. He really had done great. But then, he only got few votes.
But luckily, he was not the one who goes home. It's Michael Sarver. And yeah, somehow I agree because of his performance last night.

OK! That's all about the results.

By the way, I've known that next week, David Cook and Lady Gaga will be performing next week, probably on the results show.
Omg! Can't wait! I wanna see David Cook performing on the Idol stage again. LOL

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Top 10 Performance Night...

Hey, as I told you, tonight the top 10 will be singing Motown songs. And this time, I think I won't be able to tell you every contestant's performance. Again, I'll concentrate to the performances I love tonight.

MATT GIRAUD. He sang "Let's Get It On".
-Yeah, he really challenged on a top spot. He has a very nice tone, and vocal interpretations. All in all, he had a great performance tonight.

KRIS ALLEN. He sang "How Sweet It Is". And again, he's with his guitar.
-Great song choice, brilliant performance. I really love it, especially at the last part. And yeah, I agree with Simon, Kris should have self-belief 'cause he really is an amazing singer.

ANOOP DESAI. He sang "Ooh Baby Baby".
-Whew! For me, that's another dramatic performance. But he did a pretty good job, as Kara said. hehe...

ADAM LAMBERT. He sang "Tracks of My Tears".
-Whataaa! New hair! He looks good, but I love more his 'original' hair. hehe..
So that's it. Great song choice. He's a star. He can do everything. Very, very hot performance tonight.

DANNY GOKEY. He sang "Get Ready".
-Nice! He's a great singer. This wasn't his best, but great.

ALLISON IRAHETA. She sang "Papa Was A Rollin' Stone".
-Among the girls, I think she is my most favorite one. See! She's the only girl I mentioned tonight. And her performance... Wow! Another rock solid performance! Awesome! She's more than just a 16 year old.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

About the next episode...

Hey! I just wanna tell you a little info. This is just very short, promise! hehe..

For next week, they will be celebrating "50 years of Motown".
The Top 10 finalists return to the American Idol stage to perform classic Motown songs under the guidance of mentors and Motown legends Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy, Jr.

That's all!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Top 11 Results Night...

Tonight was really tough for the top 11. The bottom three were Allison, Alexis, and Michael. I was expecting that Allison will be the first to be safe, and she really was. And then, for the two left, I really didn't know exactly who will be voted out.
Both their performance were okay for me, but not that great. So it's kinda okay for me too, no matter who will be out tonight.

And there you go, Alexis had the least votes. But the judges were thinking if they would consider saving her. So she sang again. The judges talked, and then came up with a decision which is precisely unanimous. It's the end of the road for Alexis.

Hmmm... So that's what happened.
We will no longer see Alexis for the next coming weeks.
But anyway, the good news for the 10 left contestants is that they will have their summer tour on.. uhh.. I just don't know the date. I won't be able to go there anyway. It's too impossible for me, right? hehe^_^
But I'm sure they will be showing on TV that summer tour of the top 10 next week.
So we might as well just wait for that.

By the way, next week, Idol will be showing on Wednesday and Thursday in the US, which is equivalent to Thursday and Friday here on my place.
Oh...What's that? Nothing important! I just wanna share some stuff...LOL

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Top 11 Performance Night...

In honor of The Grand Ole Opry, this week's theme was all about country music. And tonight, the country music superstar Randy Travis was guest as the first mentor of this season.

Wow! Another hot, hot, performances from tonight's show. I guess I'm gonna tell you at least a single detail to every contestant's performance because for me, they all really did well tonight.

Let's start!

-He sang "Ain’t Goin’ Down Till the Sun Comes Up". Hmmm... I'm not sure if that's the title. But it's a cool song choice, I think. He sang it really fast. And as Kara said, that's million of words in that song. So it's pretty amazing how he memorized all those words, even though Simon said that he didn't understand a single word. Don't mind it! Michael had so much fun on it. And that's great! Have fun!

-She chose the song "Blame It On Your Heart". She had performed it very joyful. And...Wow! This 16 year old really rocks! She's getting better and better each week. And for that, she really will go far in this competition. So keep on rocking, girl!

-This guy sang "To Make Me Feel Your Love".
Hey! He's not with his guitar tonight. What a pleasant surprise that he showed us some of his tender moments 'cause it gave us a chance to concentrate more on his vocals. And tonight, I guess more and more people are now thinking that he really will go great in the show. Speaking of which, I really love what Simon told him, something like, "you actually got a shot doing really well in this competition". I felt Simon's sincerity while saying that. Okay! All in all, for me, Kris had a great song choice...nice vocals...and yeah, terrific performance! Keep it up!

-She sang the song "Independence Day". For me it sounded nice, but not that great. I think she really just wanna try something new rather than the usual. That's okay! But maybe the judges were really just up to the kinds of songs to which they fell in love with the last time. So all I can say is that, it's nice to do something new, but sometimes, you really should just stick to the songs to which you're known to be better. Well then, she just have to put a 'LIL' work on that.

-Adam chose the song "Ring of Fire".
Whew! "What the hell was that"? as Simon said.
I think that explained it all. Adam Lambert? Country songs? Oh no! Country music really, isn't Adam's music. He knows that! It's just... It's somehow interesting watching him singing those kinds of songs, moving like that, plus that weird Egyptian thing. My sister mentioned Cleopatra because of that performance... LOL... And also, both she and my brother were almost questioning me about Adam's... hmm... what do you call that? It's somehow about "masculinity" or "manhood", I think.. hehe.. But don't worry! I, of course don't question him. It's just his performance that bothered my siblings. They don't know him personally, okay?
Anyway, I still believe he has very nice vocals. He's true to who he is as an artist. And that suits me!

-Scott sang "Wild Angels". He sang it nice. Again, he played the piano and he's really comfortable with it. But I guess, it's very similar to what he did last time. And that makes his performance tonight a bit predictable for me. I think it would be nice if he'll show us something different the next time.
Go for high notes, dude! We'll love to see that!

-She sang Dolly Parton's "Jolene". I remember Brooke White also sang this song in the Dolly Parton week, back in the previous season of Idol. And if I'm not mistaken, she sang it with her guitar, right?
Anyway, let's go back to Alexis. Her version is nice. I liked it. She is somehow also showing a different side of her, you know, her 'soft' side. But, yeah, I guess the judges just want to see more of her 'dirty' side rather than that.

-Oh...Danny! He just sang "Jesus Takes the Wheel", one of my Carrie Underwood favorites. He messed up a bit when he sang it in front Randy Travis. But when he performed it on stage, for me, he had done it well. He's a great singer. Forget what Simon said about what he's wearing. It looks good on him, anyway.

-Anoop sang "You Were Always On My Mind". Wow! Anoop's back! He proved that he really deserves to be there in the show. And what he did now is just a heart-felt performance that Paula said he had touched her heart.
Simon said that Anoop managed to go from zero to hero, and that, it's one of his favorite performances tonight. It's like he seemed to get back what he said last time that Anoop isn't deserving to be in the top 13 because of his performances that time.
Randy said he likes the arrangement.
Kara said it's probably the best performance of the night 'cause it really is a big surprise.
Anne Catherine said that...oooppsss...haha...kiddin'...that's my name, isn't?...LOL
Wow! I didn't even noticed I've memorized all four judges' comments. Perhaps this is how surprises work on me. But of course, it's not always like that, sometimes only.

-Hmmm...wait a second! I'm just little confused. What's really the spelling of this girl's surname huh? Is it Corkrey, or Corkery? Uhh, no matter what, let's just talk about her performance tonight...
Megan sang "I Go Walking After Midnight".
Wow! What a great song choice for her. Even though she had flu, or she still has it tonight, I think, she sang very well. This made Paula and Simon say that she should just be sick every week like this one, because she really done great tonight.

11. Matt Giraud
-Matt sang "So Small". And again, it's a Carrie Underwood song.
Randy said it's his favorite performance of the night.
Simon said that he's quite similar to Danny, probably because both their song choices are Carrie Underwood hits. But tonight, Simon thinks that Matt out sang Danny.
Oh well, for me, Matt performed really great tonight. But if I were to compare him to Danny...uhh... I don't know. These two guys are both amazing artists. The only thing that matters is just about their performances each week. One maybe better this week, the other is not. And the next week, vice versa. Hmmm... But wait, it can also be both great, right? So that's how it is!

There you go!
At last...I'm finished...
I guess this post's a bit longer now, isn't?

Uhh... this is a lot of hard work for me, you know, having to tell each and everyone's performances.
But it's okay! This is what a blogger/writer really does. And I'm happy with what I'm doing.
That's all that counts, right?^_^

Now, let's just see who among these 11 will make it to to the next round.

Don't forget to watch tomorrow night's results!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Top 13 Results Night…

Tonight’s show surprised me again. Well, it’s not because of the results. Rather, it’s because the judges, or I mean Ryan, (haha.. because he’s the one who said it for the judges…) introduced to us again, a new rule. And that rule is… hmm… Wait a minute! I don’t even think it’s a rule. I guess it’s just some kind of giving the contestants who have few votes, another chance to prove themselves that they shouldn’t be out.
Ryan did mention the names of some contestants from the past seasons, who were sent out just because, you know, they have only few votes. So, yeah, maybe, it really depends on the voters.

Now, ok, let’s just call it a rule. I don’t know what I will call it rather than that, anyway.
It goes like this… Every time a contestant is in the bottom line of the votes, the judges will let him/her sing again. And while he/she does, they will be deciding if this contestant deserves to be in there. But this is not going to be easy, because the judges have only one chance of doing this to a contestant. If they will use it now, they won’t be able to use it again in the entire competition.

Well, this is not against the voters. It’s just the judges think that they should now be working to avoid some mistakes again. Perhaps you know what are those mistakes, right?

By the way, the ones who were voted out tonight were Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nuñez Mendrez. They sang again, but the judges didn’t give them both a second chance. It’s not going to work, as the judges said. And maybe, they are also reserving that ‘chance’ to others who are really very good, but we may not be expecting, that they will be in the bottom votes next time.

So there you go.
Now, only 11 are left.
And we’ll have to wait again for another 5 days, I think, for the next show. Hehe..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Top 13 Performance Night…

Hey! Tonight’s really awesome because most of the contestants really did a great job!

But for now, I think I’ll just concentrate on telling you the ones that really caught my attention. Or should I say, the ones I prefer to give my attention most?! Haha..

Okay! Let’s start!

My two most favorite contestants got a very nice comment from Paula, that they’re on their way to the finals. It’s pretty cool what she just said because I too, was expecting that to happen in the finals.

Anyway, who are these two I’m talking about?
Of course! I’ll make no wait for that.
They’re none other than Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert.
They had very nice performances singing their own choice of songs from this week’s theme, the Michael Jackson songbook

Let’s start first with Danny Gokey.
He chose the song PYT (Pretty Young Thing). The judges didn’t think of it as a good song choice. But in the end, Danny performed it well. His vocals were really great! No question about that. Next thing you know, OMG! He danced.... wow! He’s very good at it, I think. It made his performance very lively. And then, in the end, he came up with Paula saying her first “finals comment” to him that I mentioned awhile ago.

Now, let’s move to Adam Lambert.
He sang “Black or White”. And his performance was original.
Wow! I’m used to watching this guy performs perfectly, but it seems that I would always be amazed every time he does. I guess he really just gets perfectly better every week.
And what’s more interesting is that, after the judges gave their comments to his performance tonight, I noticed there’s some tears in his eyes which I thought would almost run down to his face but it didn’t. Nice control! Hehe..

Wait! I think I'm gonna tell you too, about Matt Giraud's performance. I really love his performance tonight. And he made a great song choice, singing "Human Nature". The song really worked well on him while he played the piano.

That’s all I wanted to say!
I’ll see you again tomorrow for the results.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Top 13 Contestants of American Idol Season 8

Hey! Here’s the complete list of the top 13 contestants for this season.

1. Adam Lambert
2. Alexis Grace
3. Allison Iraheta
4. Anoop Desai
5. Danny Gokey
6. Jasmine Murray
7. Jorge Nuñez Mendrez
8. Kris Allen
9. Lil Rounds
10. Matt Giraud
11. Megan Corkery
12. Michael Sarver
13. Scott Douglas MacIntyre

There you have it, the top 13. Now, all I can say is that the real competition is just about to start. So, don’t forget to watch next week’s top 13 performance night. And I’m pretty sure almost every performance will blow us all out. ‘Cause the best among the rest were already chosen and will gonna be the ones competing this time.
Good luck in choosing your favorites!
As for me, oh well, never mind. I can handle that myself! Hehehe...

The Wildcard Show…

The eight selected wildcard just had their performance. And on this same night, the results came. Haha.. I guess the judges are in a hurry now, ‘cause next week, the top 12 performances will start already.

What is surprising that happened tonight is that, the judges did just decide that this year’s show is not only having its top 12, but rather, top 13.
Wow! I guess this is the surprise announcement that I’m waiting. In my previous post, I felt that something like this will be happening. And it just did! Haha..

Anyway, here are the four contestants who made it through, which is supposed to be just three. They are Jasmine Murray, Megan Corkery, Matt Giraud, and Anoop Desai.

Now, let’s talk about their performances before the surprising thing happened!

Megan Corkery… I really love what Megan did sing. Once again, she proves that she is a very unique singer. And I’m hoping she’ll make it far in the next rounds.

Jasmine Murray… The song she sang tonight, uoh… I don’t know if it fit her well. But I’m pretty sure she also has a nice voice.

Matt Giraud... This guy, I think he sang very well tonight. Just forget what Simon said about his outfit tonight. ‘Cause it looks good on him, anyway, right? Haha…
Hmm… I’m not supposed to say this, but… haha.. Simon’s commenting on what others wear, while he, himself, we always can see him wearing the same colors of T-shirt each week. Black, white, and a bit gray, isn’t? Haha... Sorry for that! Anyway, I think he still looks good. Again, forget what these guys wear. Hehehe…

Anoop Desai… Wow! I will almost be surprised why, if for instance he didn’t make it through, ‘cause he really did well tonight. But there you have it, as I say he made it to the top 12! And I really think he deserved to be there. It just happened that in his first performance last time, he chose a song which is quite easy for him, so it didn’t much sounded very nice. But now, I guess he really had a great song choice that helped him make it through.

Oh! That’s it! There are really so many unexpected things that happen in this show. So, just a little advice, if you don’t wanna be left out, you really must watch each episode.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Third Batch’s Result Show...

So... The third batch’s result show had just finished. And the three who made it through to the top 12 are Lil Rounds, Jorge Nuñez Mendez, and Scott Douglas MacIntyre.

Wow! Can’t believe this… There are only three girls summing up the three results show. But then, I guess there’s another girl joining them tomorrow night. And I really think that this girl will make it the second time around, especially that the judges will gonna be the ones deciding who will make it through.

Speaking of tomorrow night’s show, they will be having the Wildcard Show.
What’s all about it? Well, the judges selected those they think the best eight contestants who didn’t make it through for the first time, including those for tonight’s show. They will be performing again tomorrow for a chance of having a spot in the top 12. And these lucky people were Von Smith, Ricky Braddy, Matt Giraud, Anoop Desai, Jasmine Murray, Jesse Langseth, Tatiana Nicole Del Toro, and Megan Corkery.

Hey! By the way, this last girl I mentioned, Megan Corkery, she’s the one whom I’ve said awhile ago will make it through. She really is very unique and original. Her voice is one of a kind, I think. And she really can sing.

Anyway, let’s just wait and see what will happen tomorrow. This really is getting more and more exciting. I wonder if they will have again another surprise announcement.
I realized that there are more twists for this year, you know, having that Wildcard Show for the first time. Or maybe, I just didn’t know it, but they already did it for the past seasons. Did they?

Hmm… For last year’s season 7, honestly it’s the first time I really put an eye on the show. I guess that’s because of last year’s contestants. I really found my most, most favorite artists now, in that batch, and there are two of them. Until now, I’m waiting and hoping they will gonna be performing again on that same stage, ‘cause I really miss seeing them there, you know! Haha…

Oh wait… I’m going out of our topic again. Why is it always like this?
Well, well, I guess that’s really who I am as a blogger, or let’s make it more formal, as a writer. Hehe..

Okay! I’ll just write again tomorrow, for that Wildcard Show.
See you guys around!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The third batch’s performance night…

OMG! I didn’t think that there are more to choose from this batch than in the previous two. I had several favorite contestants in this batch, based on their performances tonight.

First is Kristen McNamara.
I remember she had a drama in the Hollywood week. But let’s not talk about it though. Tonight, I think she had a nice performance, even though the judges didn't think that the song she just sang, "Giving Me One Reason” is a good song choice for her. But in the next round, if she’ll make it in, I would agree with the judges about her song choices. I would love to hear her singing again some Kelly Clarkson songs, like what she did in the Hollywood week.

Next is Felicia Barton.
Oh, wait a second! They showed in her interview that she’s been out already, but then she was asked to come back. And I found out that the reason for this is that, it has been determined that Joanna Pacitti, who was once chosen to be in the top 36, was ineligible to continue in this competition. And so, she was replaced by Felicia. What a very nice opportunity for her! Hehe..
Now, let’s talk about her performance tonight. She sang “No One” by Alicia Keys. I love this song and I enjoyed how she performed it, even though Simon said it was somewhat a copycat. Of course you can’t totally have your own very original one. I mean, you know, the tone might change if you’ll do that. Well, anyway, I think there’s a bit difference somehow. And the thing is, she’s really done great with it.

Kendall Beard.
Hmm… this girl’s really gorgeous, as well as the first two. I think she can sing very well, singing country songs.

Scott Douglas MacIntyre.
Wow! This guy really performs from the heart. I hope the people will recognize him, ‘cause he’s really very talented. Despite the fact that he’s blind, he can still do such things like, as I remember, playing keyboard while singing in the Hollywood week. He’s totally a great performer for me!

Jorge Nuñez Mendez
Hey! This guy from the Puerto Rico auditions just sang a song tonight which is, I think, close to my heart, because it was also performed last year by my most favorite singer today, who was eventually from the same show last year. (Know him? Hehe...)
And I can say I enjoyed Jorge’s performance because of that. Haha.. kidding!
Anyway, I think he really performed it well. And he really has nice vocals.

And last, but definitely not the least, is Lil Rounds.
She really is an amazing singer. Tonight she sang “Be Without you”. And I bet Simon’s really impressed, saying… hmm… what’s that again? “In a sea of unforgettable people tonight, she’s the one he’s going to remember.” Something like that, isn’t? hehe..
Hmm... one thing more, Paula’s comment, she said, “we’ll see you for many more Lil Rounds”…what? Did I remember right? Oh well, I would agree with her anyway. I really loved Lil’s performance tonight which I think will make her to the top 12.

Now I’m starting to think that the judges are really making it up for their favorites to be the last to perform so that they will be remembered most to the people for the voting round. Know what I mean? Well anyway, it’s really fine with me because I’m having the same favorites as the judges, I guess. And it would really be nice for me if that will stay for good, you know, same favorites. Haha.. LOL