Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Top 9 Performance Night...

Uoh… I should have gotten the idea that the top 9 contestants will be singing popular downloads on iTunes since David Cook and Lady Gaga will be performing the next day. We all know how popular the songs of these two are. So yeah, tonight’s theme was “iTunes Top 100”.

First was ANOOP DESAI.
He sang “Caught Up”.
Randy said it was vocally good. But for the song itself, it wasn’t the right choice for him. Simon said it’s a mess. It’s like Anoop’s a ‘wanna be’.
In my own opinion, yeah, kinda poor song choice for him, but he still sounded good somehow.

Next was MEGAN JOY.
She sang “Turn Your Lights Down Low”.
Oh… I agree with Kara. Megan’s in trouble now. I like her voice, its uniqueness and originality. But performances like this one’s making all those things I like to her disappear, as Simon said. She really just needs to choose carefully the songs she will sing if she wants to stay here.

He sang “What Hurts the Most”.
Oh my! What a very, very heart felt performance. It’s his best performance for me.
And I love, love, what Simon said, something like this, “get a great song, do it clearly, do your version”. That explains it all! Haha..

She sang “Don’t Speak”.
Ok. Not her best but good. She still rocks!
Forget Randy’s comment about what she’s wearing. It’s cute after all! Hehe..

He sang “Just the Way You Are”.
Wow! He’s with the piano again. But at least, this performance’s much, much better than the past weeks. I know you’ll agree, right?!

He sang “You Found Me”.
Hmm… He almost sounded like the original. But I don’t agree with Simon. He’s not trying to be someone else. He already is. And he deserves to stay, ok!

She sang “I Surrender”.
She sang really well tonight. It’s like she’s back to her niche. Don’t mind Simon’s ‘wedding comment’. I remember he already said that one time. Is there any other thing he can say? Haha... kiddin’…

He sang “Play That Funky Music”.
Wow! He made that hair-look again. Is he going to be like that in each week’s performance? Hmm… I guess that depends in his song choices. He needs to look formal sometimes. But you know, for me, I love more his original look, regardless of the black nail polish. Haha..
Anyway, I love his performance tonight. Very nice! He’s a true genius.

At last, we got into Kris. He sang “Ain’t No Sunshine”.
Wow! He can play not just the guitar, ‘cause tonight he played the keyboard.
This guy got very nice comments from all four judges. And I hope you won’t mind if I say them all, would you? Hehe… Ok! Here it goes…
Randy said it’s one of the best performances tonight.
Kara said a three-word comment “That is artistry!”
Paula said something like, it’s his first cut from his album.
Simon said he was very clever.

Oh yeah! We’re almost finished.
Just watch tomorrow’s show for the results, and of course, the guest performances from David Cook and Lady Gaga.

Ahh... I really can’t wait. I bet our current American Idol David Cook will be singing his latest single “Come Back To Me”. And by the way, he just finished shooting the music video of this single. So I hope I can watch it in time. Anyone here who knows where I can watch it? I’ve checked Youtube already, but the full version of the music video isn’t there yet. All I’ve seen were clips, sneak peak, etc. So if you have any idea, please tell me. Thanks! ^_^