Friday, July 30, 2010

Personal View...

Hey guys! Now here's my personal opinion about the current Idol matters particularly about the judges...

First, it's really hard for me to imagine just how Idol would be without Simon on it. It's like he's been the one giving 'spice' to the show. Sometimes you might get irritated with all his unmerciful yet genuine comments. LOL. But at the end of the day, you'll just realize they were all worth it, right? And on the other hand, at least when he compliments a contestant, it's totally big time, if you know what I mean. He won't do that to someone if he really wasn't blown away by that person! LOL. So let me I assume you would all agree with that. Anyway, to Mr. Simon Cowell, I'm gonna miss you sir! Best regards to whatever you're gonna do, like in the X-Factor, I think? I'm sure you'll do very well on that like you've always been! heh:))

Moving on, so Ellen comes next. Based on the post I've read, she's leaving because she thinks she somewhat doesn't fit to be an Idol judge, plus she kind of doesn't feel like saying 'not so good' comments to people though sometimes those comments seem to be really true. She just don't wanna hurt others' feelings. So maybe we can't blame her when she would always praise the contestants back then when the 9th season was still on, which was apparently the first and last season she'd judged. Oh, and another thing, she'll be busy with other stuffs like her other shows too, if I remember right. Ahh! All I can say is that I'm gonna miss her. I'll just try to catch up with her again some time on The Ellen Show. I love it when she would always be blown away by natural grown talents all over the world! haha

And now we're down to the last one, Kara. So hey, it's really just intriguing to me why she was fired if ever that's true? It's making me a bit curious. But anyway, she also had her own style in judging in the past two seasons. She would always make some body movements, or more like head movements when she talks. LOL. But I kind of like that. It's like she could really feel what she's saying. So I can say I'm gonna miss her too for that! :))

So there you go. Just felt like I wanna share how I feel about all of this. Let's hope everything would be fine in the end. The show would always go on anyway, right?

Okay. Talk to you again soon!